What is recycling?

Recycling is the method or process by which materials are diverted from being deposited in a landfill and are classified, reused or processed, so that new items can be created, or new uses are given to them.

Benefits of recycling:

• Decrease your ecological footprint.
• Preservation of natural resources.
• Pollution reduction.
• Energy saving.
• Consume responsibly.
• Extend the life of landfills.

We are the leading company in residential waste collection and recycling programs!

What system do we use in our plants to process recycling?

SINGLE STREAM, or single flow: all recyclable materials (plastic bottles, paper, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum and brass cans) are placed together in a container directly.
Materials must be DRY and CLEAN so as not to contaminate the rest. Remove tags if possible. Do not use bag.

We manage the operation of the two principal recycling facilities in Puerto Rico:

What can be recycled?